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Our Ranches

Top Quality Produce From the Heart of the San Joaquin Valley

Located in Mendota, California the "Cantaloupe Capital of the World", our farming operation provides our customers with a season-long supply of cantaloupes, honeydews, watermelons, corn and broccoli. We also market produce for Mainas Farms located in El Centro, California.

Harvest crews pick and field pack our cantaloupes. They are cooled and shipped within hours of harvest.
A cantaloupe beginning to mature.
Young broccoli just a few weeks old.
This sweet corn is about halfway through the growing cycle.
A cotton plant beginning to form a bowl.
Mature honeydew at our Mendota ranch awaits harvest.
Mature watermelon ready for harvest.
Watermelon harvesters or "Pitchers" pitch watermelons down the line to bins that are quickly taken to our packing facility.
In addition to cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, broccoli, and honeydew we also grow tomatoes.